New excavations at the Navalahija Archaeological Site, Colmenar Viejo

New excavations at the Navalahija Archaeological Site, Colmenar Viejo

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In a town in the mountains of Madrid called Colmenar Viejo, a campaign of excavations will take place from June 3, until June 28 of the same month. Navalahija deposit located in the Dehesa de Navalvillar next to another of the sites from which its name is derived, Navalvillar.

In previous campaigns one of the buildings was uncovered and now it is intended endow it with the corresponding value and make it visitable since since last year these two sites, both Navalahija and Navalvillar, are part of the Network of Visitable Sites of the Community of Madrid, enclaves that are located near the Visigoth Necropolis of Remedios which is the first that could be visited.

The Navalahija deposit, dating from between the 7th and the first half of the 8th centuries, is located between the streams of Tejada and Pocito de los Lobos and houses numerous houses and buildings where families stayed.

The disorder in which the houses are located and the use of common areas for mining-metallurgical activity makes archaeologists think that those who lived in that place combined that economic activity with raising sheep and goats.

The excavations will be launched thanks to the Department of Culture of the Colmenar Viejo City Council, in coordination with the General Directorate of Historical Heritage of the Community of Madrid. Jorge García, Councilor for Culture, explained that one of the objectives set out with these works is to publicize the importance of archeology through the involvement of neighbors in its conservation tasks.

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