The injustice of the Ixil people in Guatemala

The injustice of the Ixil people in Guatemala

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The Ixil people (Mayan) they still live in wooden and mud houses in the most isolated areas of northwestern Guatemala 17 years after a civil war broke out that made them see their villages razed and their loved ones killed.

Even without drinking water, paved roads, sanitation or education, he was the center of attention when a court found former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt guilty of genocide. Specifically, Efraín was the promoter of a movement that razed the lands used by the Ixil people during the 1980s. In spite of everything, his conviction was overturned after a trial that he showed little interest in the town of Ixil.

For years the town has been relegated to areas where the land was not very productive. A specific case is that of Feliciana Cobo, who was only 8 years old when the soldiers attacked her land and made her and her family separate, running into the mountains to hide, staying there for several days with nothing to put in her mouth. Cobo's mother died during the bombing and the rest of her family lost their land, deepening their state of poverty even further.

Now 40 she is the mother of three children those he supports through work done for his neighbors, including washing clothes and sewing clothes.

Forensic experts are analyzing the corpses of those who died of hunger and hypothermia hidden in the mountains. Cobo's is one of many stories whose victims have to tell in order to find the bodies of their loved ones and be able to bury them with the rest of their family.

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