The Jurassic Park of Venezuela

The Jurassic Park of Venezuela

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Deposits of Petroleum accumulated in the earth make Venezuela a good place to preserve very ancient remains, in which looks like a jurassic park.

Paleontologists have found the remains of an armadillo and a huge crocodile, and a saber-toothed tiger. According to studies carried out by oil companies, they have found fossils that are 14,000 to 370 million years old.

Ascania Rincon, director of the Paleontology Laboratory institute, tries to locate human fossils to demonstrate the existence of prehistoric human life in the area.

"NWe find you nearby, because we have already found arrowheads, but we still lack human fossils, proof of the presence of the hunter”.

Most of the fossils are found north of the Orinoco River, where the Atlantic Ocean originated more than 200 million years ago, according to paleontologists. Eight million years ago, the Orinoco was formed, followed by the Isthmus of Panama, approximately three to five million years ago.

Other fossils found include a plucked iguana-like chicken, a 10-foot pelican and giant sloths that inhabited the earth 12 million years ago, differentiating them from current tree-dwelling species.

The classification of a fossil it can take years; For example, it took experts four years to identify the saber-toothed tiger from the discovery of the remains. This is due to the complex process of removing sediments, transporting them, washing them and carefully comparing them with existing species.

Rincón anticipates part of the surprise that the institute has in mind with the announcement of the discovery of a new species in September. The expert likens paleontological research to a puzzle which is missing a considerable part of the pieces, and which must be solved for the benefit of science.

The expert's laboratory, which only has five workers, receives private and public funds but lacks the necessary technological and logistical sources to carry out these operations in other countries.

For him and his team, paleontology a fun science which aims to make the world more aware of what inhabited the planet millions of years ago, and which encourages people to take care of the Earth and to slow down the process of destruction of ecosystems and species.

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