An ancient civilization is discovered in Brazil

An ancient civilization is discovered in Brazil

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Finnish archaeologist Martti Pärssinen has found remains of a ancient civilization in the Amazon area of ​​Brazil. Among the remains they count ceramics of novel forms.

The cleaning the jungles of the Amazon has brought with him the various finds, some are perceived from the air, from where Pärssinen has obtained images.

These geometric shape drawings They consist of mounds of earth and elevations. Many are large and their sides reach a hundred meters. Thus, more than 300 structures have been found in the Brazilian state of Acre.

The effort when building these structures is comparable to used in the Egyptian pyramids. The expert highlights that the people had to use themselves thoroughly, as they did in Egypt, to shape the land and build the mounds, transforming them into multiple and complex structures.

The find has attracted the attention of archaeologists because discarded this activity in the Amazon rainforest, and they thought it was confined to limited areas in the jungle. Graduate Ivandra Rampianelli of the University of Valencia in Spain has stated that the drawings mark the history of the Amazon rainforest, an area thought to be devoid of great ancient civilizations.

Radiocarbon dating indicates that the oldest remains have been elaborated more than 2,000 years and that civilization began its decline approximately five centuries ago, perhaps due to the diseases that the Europeans brought to the territory that decimated the indigenous population.

Archaeological excavations provide information about the inhabitants of the area, where large amounts of ceramic remains have also been found. Some of these remains are novel to science, while others show to be related to distant populations in the Andes.

According to Pärssinen, this site could be one of the last runes in which remains of such archaeological value are found.

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