17th Dynasty Rishi sarcophagus discovered in Egypt

17th Dynasty Rishi sarcophagus discovered in Egypt

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Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities of Egypt, announced the discovery of a wooden coffin from the 17th Dynasty at Dra Abu el-Naga, which contains a mummy in very good condition.

The lid has a hieroglyphic inscription where the name of the deceased person is shown, although the Minister stated that further studies are necessary to define both his name and the titles of his owner, although officially it can be said that he belongs to a high official.

The coffin was discovered under the courtyard of the Djehuty tomb, led by a Spanish mission led by Dr. José M. Galán, while excavating the layers dating back to the Middle Kingdom.

Ali al asfar, director of the Department of Egyptian Aniquities, explained that “The measurements of the coffin are two meters long by 50 cm wide and 42 cm high. The lid has exquisite carvings and the colors are very well preserved”.

For its part, Abd El Hamid Karar, Luxor Antiquities Director, said that “Work began last month and earlier this week we discovered three burial shafts, of which two were stolen by grave robbers, and the third was found intact. The third axis of the burial is four meters deep and ends with a room on the south side, which was sealed with mud bricks.”.

Jose Galán for his part, he explained that “The mission has been working on Dra Abu el-Naga for 13 years, and last year we found a wooden coffin of a boy of about five years old dating back to the 17th Dynasty, along with a group of wooden ushabti wrapped in linen.”.

Ibrahim added that "This discovery is important because the type of coffin is very rare, known as Rishi caskets, since it is decorated with a feather design”.

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