Village of Anglo-Saxon kings discovered at Rendlesham

Village of Anglo-Saxon kings discovered at Rendlesham

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A group of archaeologists believe they have found the place of settlement of the Anglo-Saxon kings of East Anglia, a region of eastern England named for the former Anglo-Saxon kingdom. The Sutton Hoo burial mound, a site of great importance to historians of the Middle Ages, was where Anglo-Saxon treasures were found.

The historian of the 8th century, Bede the Venerable, mentioned the village at Rendlesham (in Suffolk), where there would be a royal hall. Historians have been studying 50 hectares of Sutton Hoo's burial site, which contained a burial ship full of treasures, and now they are thinking about the possibility that it is the tomb of King Raedwald, who ruled East Anglia.

It appears that the coins found at Rendlaesham are more than conclusive proof of the existence of the lost royal settlement there. Bede spoke about the “king's villageIn Rendlaesham, in one of his books.

National Trust archaeologist Wainwright states that “it is most likely the palace of king Raedwald and perhaps where his descendants lived”.

It is believed that This area of ​​the village dates back to around 625 BC.. Professor Christopher Scull, who is part of the team said: “Studies have identified a site of national and even international importance for the understanding of the Anglo-Saxon elite. The quality of some of the metalwork leaves no doubt that it was made to be used by the highest ranks of society.”.

Researchers think that the king's room would have been roughly the size of a large modern single-family home.

The studies began in 2008, following a tip from a Rendlesham neighbor who alerted Suffolk County Council to the illegal looting that was taking place. This month there will be an exhibition at the Hoo Sutton Visitor Center.

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